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Electric Kef, the Hosharian Brothers Band debut album! Including 8 songs of unique arrangements and 2 originals.  A new "Kef Time" sound with a blend of traditional and modern instruments to breathe new "Retro" life into some old time classics, including Tamzara & Shalakho!

Rather than producing a standard recording of traditional Armenian songs, this ensemble wanted to introduce a new sound that would compliment the diverse range of their music.


Electric Kef utilizes the band's eclectic musical background by blending traditional Armenian music with the style of progressive rock, jazz, classical and complex rhythms.



This album is dedicated to Edward Hosharian

Album Details:

Peter Hosharian – Clarinet and Vocals

      Vocals: Ov Toon Keghetsig & Katyusha

Greg Hosharian –

Keyboards, Piano, Accordion, K-Bass, Vocals

     Vocals: Seerem Kez & Ov Toon Keghetsig

George Bilezikjian –

Drums, Dhol, Dumbeg (Serem Kez)

Greg Miller – Guitars, Bouzouki

Gurgen Khanzadian – Dumbeg, Vocals

      Vocals: Nina Nai Nai & Chem-oo-Chem


Electric Kef Track Listing & Samples Produced by Greg Hosharian

American Music Samples